3 Important Roles of General Contractors

When it comes to construction projects, general contractors make the world go round. They are master organizers, planners, and builders who can orchestrate the many different tasks involved in construction.

Gather and Assess Bids

Using the example of building a new custom home, a general contractor is responsible for using his trusted network of subcontractors in the Tampa area to gather bids on the different components required for the home, from landscaping and plumbing to electric. Bids must be evaluated to find not simply the lowest price, but the best quality work within the allowed budget. Since a general contractor has a long history with many subcontractors, he can quickly identify which are credible enough to complete the job in a timely and quality manner.

Ensure Compliance

Compliance is one of the most important components to any construction project, because even the most beautiful and expensive property can be forced to undergo major and expensive changes if something isn’t compliant with local ordinances. It is the general contractor’s job to know local and state laws and regulations that dictate construction projects. For example, certain materials like wood shingles might be banned, fences might be limited to a certain height, and specific permits need to be obtained in order to legally build, enlarge, improve, or convert a property. Recognizing and sticking to these many requirements can be very confusing for an individual, but a general contractor possesses a professional understanding of the entire process.

Respond to Emergencies

This role makes the general contractor the glue that keeps the entire project together. Minor and major emergencies can happen on a job site, like a missing delivery of building materials or an injured worker. A general contractor has exceptional crisis management skills that allows him to identify the best and most efficient ways to handle and resolve the problem. This helps the project stay on track, on budget, and on time.

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