3 Tips to Constructing a Stunning Bathroom

Whether you are renovating your existing home or building a beautiful new custom property, carefully considering the design of your master bathroom will help you gain as much enjoyment as possible from that space. With the right design, your bathroom can be much more than the place where you shower and brush your teeth. It can become a luxurious oasis where you pamper yourself and get ready to face the day!

Focus on What Matters

Designing a master bathroom is different than planning for a larger room like a kitchen, because you must fit everything that you want into a relatively small space. For this reason, it is very important to focus on what really matters. What components of a bathroom can you not live without? For some people, a garden tub is a necessity, but others prefer a standing shower. Do you need a large vanity for various hair and makeup products, or would you rather designate that space to something else? Make these decisions before first so that they can guide the rest of the plans.

Plan For the Right Type of Space

An enormous 12’ x 12’ master bathroom will require significantly different design plans than a smaller 5’ x 7’ space. It’s important that you make plans for the space you actually have, not the dimensions you wish you had. All of the fixtures, finishes, surfaces, lighting, and storage that you hope to have will need to be considered. This is where the vision of a professional contractor will help you turn your dreams into a reality.

Select the Best Materials

Selecting the materials that will be used in your bathroom will significantly influence the atmosphere of your space, so pick carefully! From sleek white wooden cabinets matched by sophisticated light granite to dark mahogany cabinets paired with an exotic tile backsplash, you can create any interior you want.

By working with a professional contracting team like PG Builders, you can ensure that your entire home, including your master bathroom, is designed with expertise and attention-to-detail. PG Builders serves the Tampa, Florida area with complete building services, so call (813) 253-0000 to learn more and get started today.