Things People Often Forget to Include in Their New Homes

There are thousands of details to include in the blueprints for your new house. Trying to envision your future home down to the last light switch can be really challenging. Most people remember obvious things such as pantry cupboards and front closets, but what about charger areas for phones? A gas connection for a BBQ outside? A pull-out garbage bin?

Today, we’ll cover some of the things you won’t want to forget in your new, custom-built home!

Don’t Forget These Items in Your New Home Design!

The following items are some of the most common details that people forget when they design their new homes: Read More

Most Common Unseen Damages from Hurricanes

Hurricanes are frightening natural disasters that pose a serious threat to our homes. While a majority of storm destruction is as plain as day, some forms of damage can go unseen. The most common forms of damage are very insidious, often resulting in extensive harm to your home if they go unnoticed. In this article, we’ll explain the most common types of damage caused by a hurricane that you might otherwise miss.

Damaged Shingles

Shingles aren’t just for looks; they protect your roof against the elements. High winds and stray debris can lift, damage, warp, and even tear away shingles from your roof during a hurricane. When this happens, your roof is exposed and vulnerable to damage. When your roof becomes damaged, you might start to find leaks, your electric bill may increase due to energy loss, and pests can enter the home. Read More

Create a Wish List Before Having a New Home Built

New Home Built When you’re looking to buy a brand new home, you probably have ideas about the neighborhood, lot size, number of rooms, square footage, layout, and other amenities. After all, custom-built home is a dream for many homeowners!

It’s all too easy to go wild when it comes to building your custom home. Unfortunately, you can quickly exceed your budget and extend your building schedule if you don’t go in with a plan. Like any project, you need to strategize to streamline the process.  Read More

Hurricane-Proof Your Home During Building

Hurricane-ProofIt is no secret that certain parts of America have been ravaged by hurricane after hurricane throughout history. They are devastating weather events that can take everything away from families overnight. Because of this, it is no surprise that at-risk residents want the best protection against hurricanes that they can afford. 

However, trying to hurricane-proof an existing home can be a difficult and expensive affair. Your best shot at reinforcing your home against hurricane damage is to do so during construction.  Read More

Top Custom Home Designs

Top Custom Home DesignsMany homeowners move to the Tampa area to seek out beautiful homes in a stunning setting. A home is a place of refuge, one that should perfectly suit your needs and tastes. That’s why more homeowners are turning to custom home designs to truly turn their home into a sanctuary.

Here are some of the top custom home design trends this year: Read More

Why Buying a Home is a Great Investment

You might see some investment gurus touting home buying as a “horrible investment.”

Are they right?

Maybe. If you’re looking at the term “investment” only in the sense of your money actively working to make you more money, then this may be true. Stock investments can make you much more cash. Generally, stocks see a 10% return – compared to the 3-4% seen in real estate.

However, if you’re looking at the term “investment” in a broader sense, the picture of a home as a great investment becomes much clearer.

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Buying Vs. Renting: What You Should Consider

Despite being one of the basic necessities of human existence, getting home comes with a great deal of hassle and even more questions. There is a lot to take into consideration—which is understandable since the only commitment bigger than where you live is who you live with.

To try and make things a little easier, we’ve gathered a few questions that can help illuminate which route is best for you.

How Are Your Finances?

If you’re looking to put a mortgage on a home, you’re going to need a good credit score to avoid costly insurance rates. Even a single percentage increase will cost you tens of thousands of dollars over the course of the next few decades.  Read More

Best Time of the Year To Buy a New Home

Many people wonder if there is a “right” time of the year to purchase a new home. In short, there is not only one good time of the year to make a real estate purchase. However, seasonality is worth considering when you are planning to buy a home. 

In the following post, we will examine how the time of year can affect your decision to purchase a new home. 

Buying a House During the Spring and Summer Months 

The right time of the year to buy a home will be different for different people, but the real estate market does tend to behave in certain ways during certain seasons.  Read More

Buying Vs. Renting: What You Should Consider

Buying your first home is without a doubt one of the biggest financial decisions a person will make in their lifetime. Is buying a home right now the best decision for you?

There are many factors to consider when choosing whether to buy or rent; but, ultimately, your final decision should be based on whether you want more flexibility or stability.

If you’re unsure about which move is the right move, here is a list of considerations you should take into account before moving forward:  Read More

New Home Renovation and Additions for the New Year

In 2020, the world saw a major shift in the ways that people operate on a daily basis. Office doors closed, daily commutes screeched to a halt, and homeschooling became a new normal — we’ve been learning to balance it all!

Now that the new year is here, people are starting new home remodeling projects to accommodate this new way of life. Here are some of the new reno projects that people are taking on for 2021: Read More