Make the Most of Your Windows

Creating a home that you love takes time and attention. There are certain tricks that add a unique sense of atmosphere and comfort to your home, and if you master those tricks, you’ll have the home that everybody envies.

Strategically using natural light is one of these tricks. What better way to enjoy your windows than to invest in custom-built window seats that not only add character to your home, but also give you the perfect space for relaxation and reflection?

As you plan your custom home, be sure to give your window spaces the consideration they deserve.

A Quick Guide to Window Seats

You can craft a window seat in your home in so many different ways – your imagination is the limit.

Consider a window seat for sleeping by nestling the window seat deep into the wall. Make sure that it can extend enough into the room to double as a bed. Better yet, include built-in shelving at the head and food of the bed to make a true alcove. Not every home has room for this, but if you can manage it, you’ll have a truly unique room with a space to escape.

You can also create window seats to serve as perches in rooms that need more seating. This is a fun and balanced way to improve any room’s decor while boosting the character of your windows, especially with comfortable cushions and throw pillows.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something that strikes a balance between a bed and a perch, opt for a bench. This can be especially effective in busy rooms like the kitchen, where an overload of furniture will get in the way. A window seat is, of course, stationary and never in the way, and can serve as the head or foot of a table for extra comfortable seating.

One final type of window seat is the kind that doubles as a storage compartment. If you have a large bay window, you can extend a window seat across the windows and make it deep enough to include built-in drawers, open cubbies, a hinged top, or even cabinets. You could even build a sidewall of built-in shelves that maximize your use of the space.

As you work with a custom home builder to create the home of your dreams, remember it’s all in the details. Call (813) 253-0000 to begin working with PG Builders in Tampa, Florida and get the expertise you need.