Most Common Unseen Damages from Hurricanes

Hurricanes are frightening natural disasters that pose a serious threat to our homes. While a majority of storm destruction is as plain as day, some forms of damage can go unseen. The most common forms of damage are very insidious, often resulting in extensive harm to your home if they go unnoticed. In this article, we’ll explain the most common types of damage caused by a hurricane that you might otherwise miss.

Damaged Shingles

Shingles aren’t just for looks; they protect your roof against the elements. High winds and stray debris can lift, damage, warp, and even tear away shingles from your roof during a hurricane. When this happens, your roof is exposed and vulnerable to damage. When your roof becomes damaged, you might start to find leaks, your electric bill may increase due to energy loss, and pests can enter the home.

Water Damage

Even if your home enjoys a safe distance from a passing hurricane, torrential rains and flooding are still significant risks. While some water damage may be immediately noticeable, other types of water damage may sneak up on you. 

Water in your basement is terrible for the foundation of your home. It can cause flooding, ruin drywall, and attract bugs. Gutters can also be damaged by high winds, leading to water collecting on the roof. Additionally, if your roof got damaged during a hurricane, that water may enter your attic space and cause wood rot. 


Mold always seems to come out of nowhere when you finally find it. It is commonly the result of water damage and high humidity levels that started affecting your home some time ago. When a hurricane is directed your way, you need to be especially vigilant about mold growth. 

Any dark and moist spaces in or around your home can become hosts to mold, damaging structural elements, including your roof. Mold is also a significant health risk.

Hail Damage

The weather conditions surrounding hurricanes can result in hail, which can pelt your home with countless heavy impacts. The size of hail can vary and, while most of it will seem to harmlessly bounce off of your home at the time, you might start to find damage later on. Your shingles are most at risk of cracks, dents, and visible marks. Your window screens may tear, and glass may crack or break. Hail can affect your gutters as well.

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