The Right Insulation is Critical in Your Custom Home

home-insulationWhen you consider the elements of a house that make it feel like a home, furniture, decor, and natural lighting might all come to mind. But what about insulation? Your choice of insulation can actually make or break the comfort and performance of your home because your insulation system will control energy efficiency, air tightness, moisture management, and even acoustics.

Insulation and Acoustics

Bands aren’t the only ones who care about acoustics. As you build your home, you want to pay close attention to something called the sound transmission loss (STC value) of your walls. Poor STC value will leave you hearing every noise, movement, and toilet flush from other rooms, while stronger STC value can significantly reduce noise disturbances like loud speech and plumbing. Fiberglass batts are one of the best tools to achieve superior acoustical comfort.

Energy Efficiency

You pay for your heating and air conditioning, so the last thing you want to do is select insulation that will allow all of that energy to seep right through. Up to 25% of your home’s heating and cooling risks being lost through the ceiling and attic, so make sure you select a premium insulation that creates thermal efficiency. This will help your home stay warmer or cooler without spending your savings on energy bills.

Manage Moisture

Especially in southern states like Florida, excess moisture can be a huge problem. The right insulation resolves this by sensing moisture levels in the home and balancing accordingly. Smart insulation will block humidity from entering its grasp when humidity in the home is low- like during a dry winter- and then breathe when it senses high humidity that needs to be absorbed- like throughout a hot summer.

You deserve for your custom build home to meet your every need, and selecting the right insulation is a huge part of that goal.