Top Custom Home Designs

Top Custom Home DesignsMany homeowners move to the Tampa area to seek out beautiful homes in a stunning setting. A home is a place of refuge, one that should perfectly suit your needs and tastes. That’s why more homeowners are turning to custom home designs to truly turn their home into a sanctuary.

Here are some of the top custom home design trends this year:

Enhanced Light and Air

In a year when many people adapted to working remotely, bringing the serenity of nature inside became more important than ever before. With this in mind, many homeowners sought to build, add on, or adapt their existing office space to accommodate an increased sense of natural light.

Indoor/Outdoor Entertainment Options

Expansive porches, patios, decks, and sunrooms are also on the rise. Whether they are built to be fully enclosed, allowing the space to be air-conditioned or controlled for humidity, or open to the great outdoors, homeowners are looking for new ways to experience the beauty and relaxation of nature while having plenty of space for guests, too.

Materials Used in Creative Ways

Light-toned stone, marble, and wood are no longer just for the floor or countertops. In 2021, more homeowners are opting to use these durable, breathtaking materials in inspiring ways. Whether they serve as a focal point in the living room or add a touch of class to the walls of a bathroom, homeowners are turning to timeless materials to enhance the textures and colors of different rooms in the home.

A Truly Custom Home

Of course, the beauty of a custom home is in its very nature — the fact that it’s personalized to the needs and tastes of the owner. At PG Builders, we help homeowners to bring their vision to life. Whether you want your home to be a haven or the hub for all of your family and friends, we can help.